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To design and supply a high quality product for the building and construction industry.

To meet our responsibilities in the market place.

To provide a first class service and to constantly improve products.

To be committed to honesty and integrity in all aspects.

To provide an effective service of high quality standards to all customers.

Welcome to East Coast Columns and Moulding

East Coast Columns and Mouldings commenced operations in Durban in 2004. Trends and new technology within the international construction industry had shown that opportunities existed in the local market to manufacture and market fairly unique building and architectural solutions to the industry.

Prior to the company being operational from a production perspective, extensive investigation and experimentations were carried out perfecting the process of Roto-casting in relation to physical production technology and raw material composition. Structural and Civil Engineers were consulted and the Kwa-Zulu Natal University’s Engineering Faculty participated, carrying out intensive tests in such critical areas as compressive and flexural strength, product density, shrinkage & thermal behaviour, as well as dynamic loading and impact loading tests.

To date the polymer resin-based products manufactured by the company have had an enormous impact on the building industry, emphasising their acceptance in the areas of aesthetics, labour saving and cost saving through time and physical materials


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